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Echoe Forum Pro

1.68 usd

Echoe Forum App- Your official gateway to Echoe Development:The gateway to the world of Android Customization via the unique Echoe Forums.
A beautiful, uniquely designed forum app which allows seamless browsing of the Echoe forums but additionally allows access to ANY forum of your choice. For example, in the settings options, you will see an option called "explore". With that option you can add any other forum you want (i.e. xda, android central, etc.) and access it like you would with tapatalk..
* Multi-language Support* Dark and White Themes Available
* Many many more options
***** This is the Pro Version with all ads removed *****
2 limitations:
1. You cant attach images at the moment (this is a work in progress and will be implemented in future updates)
2. Multi-quoting works but visually does not look perfect (this will also be completely fixed in upcoming versions)